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Friday, September 09, 2016

My First Quick Paint Event!

      'An Apple a Day'.     8x10.  Pastel

Quick Paint. Just the name sounded great to me! I love letting the pastel dust fly so I was looking forward to participating in my first Plein air quick painting event. I am in Blue Ridge Georgia for the annual fall Plein Air event. The quick paint competition was today. We had one hour to paint anywhere on the property of Mercier Orchard. 

It is a beautiful place but it was hot at 3:00 in the afternoon and with no shade in sight Marsha Savage and I decided to find something interesting to paint inside. Marsha chose a great arrangement of shelves full of apples. I decided to keep it simple and set up a still life with a candy apple. Not my usual subject but something fun to try! The photo above shows my set up as I waited for the horn to blow.

I decided to do a watercolor underpainting. While I was waiting for my board to dry I did another underpainting just in case I had time for two! I didn't get a picture of the underpaintings.

And I did have time for two! That sure was fun. I had a gentleman come up to me as I finished and he told me he was worried for me when he saw my painting after I had just started...he was happy that I made it into a picture! 

Tomorrow I'll be painting all day by the river. I may take out my oils! 

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