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Saturday, October 01, 2016

A Great Idea For Daily Painting Practice

'Daisy Dance'         6x6       pastel       ©Karen Margulis
available $75
 Why paint just one when you can paint two? You already have the painting time set aside. You have your pastels out and your paper ready to go. What is stopping you from putting up two pieces of paper? I don't know why I don't do this more often!  It is a great way to learn by creating a variation on a theme.

I had a request for a daisy painting. I wanted to do a watercolor underpainting but the painting was only going to be 6x6. Did I really want to take out the watercolors and make a mess for one small painting? I was feeling lazy. Then it hit me.....why not paint two daisies paintings!  That would make taking out the watercolors worthwhile.

'Daisy Dance II'         6x6       pastel        sold

I had a great time with the daisies. Painting two at the same time allowed me to use the same pastel palette. I worked on them both at the same time and pretended that they were one big field of daisies. I suppose I could have painted one large painting and cut it in half but it would not have been the same. Painting two separate paintings allowed me to play with marks and composition to give each one variety. It was a fun learning experience and now I have two paintings for my effort!

The watercolor underpaintings on Uart pastel paper

The initial pastel layers

Starting to develop the flowers
I will be teaching a workshop for the Piedmont Pastel Society this week. I will do my best to post an update during the workshop. Then I head to  New Mexico for my next workshop!

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