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Monday, October 03, 2016

Underpainting Workshop Report day one


I love teaching! There is nothing better than sharing my passion for pastels with other like minded artists. I am here in Charlotte North Carolina teaching a workshop for the Piedmont Pastel Society. The theme for the workshop is The Mystery and Magic of the Underpainting.... one of my favorite topics. There is so much to share about underpaintings! 

We began with the most simple Underpainting I like to do ...notan block in with black. I used black Art Graf for my demo.


After a wonderful lunch we kicked it up a notch and did four value underpaintings. 
I have a great group of artists who are eager to learn and who are doing great work! I am looking forward to day two!

Note: I am posting from my iPhone using the Blog-go app which I haven't used in awhile so I have no idea how this post will appear. I was enjoying the Blogger app which is no longer available and doesn't work now that I updated my phone!

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