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Monday, November 28, 2016

Painting Small on the Go

'Country Lane'     France plein air      5x7    plein air       ©Karen Margulis
available $95

 I found some treasure! I was going through a box of my paintings when I stumbled upon a box of plein air studies. Looking at them brought back a flood of great memories. There is nothing like a plein air painting to revive memories. Looking at a painting done on location gives you so much more information than looking at a photo. When you paint on location you experience the place with all of your senses....You feel the heat or cold. You hear the birds or water or whatever else is nearby. You smell the freshly cut grass or the small of the forest or the ocean.....You are fully present and involved.

When I took out this little pile of 5x7 paintings it all came back. I could recall the details of the time and place. I am always surprised at how colorful I see things in real life. All of these memories and 'notes in pastel' will help me when I do paint from photos.  I keep it simple and paint small when I travel. 5x7 is the perfect size to take notes in pastel!

If you haven't taken your pastels outside to paint I highly recommend that you give it a try. Even if you look out the window from the comfort of your studio or home. Any amount of time spent painting from life will improve your work!

Here are a selection of plein air studies done in the last couple of years. Fun treasures to find!

New Mexico     5x7    pastel

France        5x7     pastel

Sweden    5x7    pastel

Lake Tahoe 5x7 pastel

Lake Tahoe 5x7 pastel

Croatia demo  9x12 pastel

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robertsloan2art said...

Beautiful memories! I love seeing your plein air paintings from trips. It's inspirational, when I go outside I want to do the same. Autumn colors are beginning to fade to browns and grays now for winter and the sky was pure neutral gray this morning, but every season makes me itch to bring my pastels outside.