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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Making Art Wherever You Go

I've been in Chicago for a week now. It's been an exciting week! I came to help my son and daughter-in-law. My grandson was due last weekend but they had a big craft show at the same time. Everything went smoothly though. I worked the show while my grandson Jamie Alan was born!

I decided to stay here a bit longer to visit and have some Grammie time with Greta  and Jamie! I am having a great time but miss my pastels. So last night I had to improvise. Making art doesn't wait!

I had my little watercolor set and some paper with me so I thought it would be fun to paint a rainforest (more on this later!) I found some of Greta's crayons and decided a wax resist would be fun! It was! I'm going to try it with Greta today! 
I'll be back in the studio Sunday and regular posts will resume! 








Debbie Strickland said...

From one grandmother to the other, I am so happy you have had this opportunity to be with your son and family but cant wait until your regular psrs resume

robertsloan2art said...

Fun change of pace, your wax resist and watercolor paintings are jazzy! Very cool.

Grandkids are wonderful art inspiration, as they learn everything I've learned gets deeper and better. They also think of things I'd never have thought of.

My granddaughter's four eyed dragon for example, it's wonderful and the way she designed it the creature actually has better vision with its extra eyes. She does anime and is writing a story by illustrating it, created the characters in the illustration and is now writing out how they met. I wouldn't have designed a dragon with an extra pair of eyes, but hers is awesome and graceful.

BJR said...

So glad you could be there for the new baby! What fun! Especially spending some time! I just got back from a trip to The South (La.) with our son...wife and 5 grand's. We were there for weeks...so I had lots of art-time with them...especially the youngest, who is 7, and draws IN INK...as I do. ;) Missing them!