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Monday, February 13, 2017

Keeping a Daily Painting Habit part one

'A Beautiful Winter Day'        6x8        pastel       ©Karen Margulis
available $95
I got off the plane from my workshop in Florida this afternoon with thoughts of a nap. It was a fun weekend but very busy and the couch was calling my name. I brought my suitcase of supplies down into the studio and my easel stood there waiting for me. I was torn. Couch or easel?

I chose the easel. After all I had just told a group of 13 artists  that they needed to make time to paint more often. A daily painting is the key to progress. I issued my daily painting challenge to them. And yet I wasn't going to paint!  That wouldn't be fair! I should practice what I preach.

So I put up a piece of Pastelmat paper (really liking it more and more) and pulled up one of my new Florida photos on my phone. I spent about 30 minutes painting these scrubby little palm trees. I was tired when I got started but quickly got lost in the painting and started feeling energized.  When I was finished it felt great. (like a good workout!)  I was happy that I decided to paint while this image was still so fresh in my mind. And I am happy to set a good example for the artists who were in my workshop!

close up detail
Note: I loved all the scrubby stuff I saw in Florida. Of course the beach was beautiful and the skies were fantastic but it was the scrub that excited me. So of course I chose to paint what I love. It is much easier to paint when you are excited about your subject. More on this later!


KAS said...

You are an inspiration and so is your artwork!

Carol Schiff said...

As a Florida girl, I recognized this as my home state immediately! I was so impressed that you went for a scene that represents the heart of the state, instead of the "bling" of the beach. You really captured your subject. <3

robertsloan2art said...

I love this! Palms always fascinated me and these are so rich with light and shadow, so perfect in volume and tone as well as color. You even captured the wonderful tropical sky. Another thing about your own photos, it doesn't matter how untrue the photo color is. You'll remember what you saw when you took it!