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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dreaming of Summer Travels

'Dreamscape'         5x7      plein air pastel           ©Karen Margulis
available $50
It was a cool and rainy day. In fact it was a cool and rainy week. But I was in Iceland and I was prepared for it. Looking through a folder of older paintings I stumbled across these two pastel studies and the memories of that wonderful trip to Iceland came flooding back. It was a week filled with friendship and art. And even though it was cold and rainy it sure was warm inside my friend's wonderful studio and home.

The warm and cozy studio with a fabulous view!
We spent the week immersed in art. Sharing ideas and work. Watching painting DVDs. Looking through art books and of course painting. We also took day trips to discover the beauty of Iceland. I took hundreds of photos. I came home filled with inspiration. But I also came home to a busy schedule of travel. I didn't have enough downtime to process and savor the memories I made in this very special place.

The paintings have a way of bringing me back. I can remember looking out the window at the lupines. It was a moody quiet day with the promise of some sunshine. I chose lavender and violets to create the mood. I left many edges soft to suggest the soft haze of the day.

Photos are nice but paintings show how I really feel about the place. I enjoyed the little jog in memory that these paintings gave me.

'Summer Softness'      5x7      pastel        $50
View from the studio on a sunny day

A collage of some of the paintings done while in Iceland


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen--Your paintings of Iceland are fantastic. I really need to travel more if
it inspires work like this. I want to thank you for posting your work in a way that
lets us see it closer to study just how your marks are made. The paintings of large
skies in Iceland looked very detailed at first. When I saw them in 'expanded view'I
could see how little detail was actually needed--amazing! I know this in theory but
it takes seeing it to really persuade me that less is more. Thanks for your always
informative blog--I learn SO much from it! L&K, MaryB


Very wonderful painting and so nice colours !!!