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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Another Great Hack from a Clever Student

'The Quiet Time'       8x10         pastel          ©Karen Margulis
available $145
I handed her a dish towel. And she took it but mentioned casually that she uses toilet paper.  Toilet paper! But of course! Another clever idea from my student. It is good practice to have something handy for wiping pastels before you make a mark. In fact it should become automatic. Make a mark. Wipe. Mark a mark. Wipe.

Why? Because pastels can pick up other colors as you paint. These colors can be deposited in other areas. Sometimes this is good and leads to interesting things. Most times it isn't good. Think about a dark green mark in a light blue sky. It happens if the pastel is not wiped off in between trees and sky! trull name.....PAINTING TISSUE.

So that means we do a lot of wiping! I use old dish towels and throw them in the wash when dirty. Other use aprons and wipe on the apron. My student uses toilet paper. Let's call it by it's rightful name .....PAINTING TISSUE.

Always handy Painting Tissue
You don't need a lot but a wad in your hand will help you keep your pastels clean as you paint. Pick up some painting tissue the next time you are in the Dollar Tree.....or stock up at your favorite warehouse store.

Thanks Linda for another great tip!

1 comment:

Kath Pearson said...

When I get really messy and in a hurry, and my sticks get dirty faster than I can wipe them off, I put them all in a sealed container of cornmeal, give it a gentle shake, rolling them around, and the sticks come out clean.