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Sunday, November 12, 2017

No Time to Paint? Take a Discovery Walk

Photo Collage from a Quick Morning Discovery Walk
It's been a busy week. But a very very rewarding week. I had the honor of teaching two workshops with Artensity Art Workshops in Ann Arbor Michigan. Debra Zamperla was my fantastic coordinator and hostess. It couldn't have been better. Both the venue and the groups of artists were wonderful. I had two different groups for a three and two day workshop. The artists were all  talented and hard working and most of all were willing to let go and have fun!

Demo paintings from my underpainting workshop
 I was so busy though that I didn't see any of Ann Arbor expect along the route from the hotel to the workshop venue. I was feeling a bit sad to have visited a place and not really experienced it so on the morning of my departure I bundled up and went for a quick walk around  the hotel grounds.
I wasn't planning on taking any photos but I was glad to have my phone with me when I saw the morning light and how it made even the mundane stuff in a parking lot look beautiful.

Beauty is Everywhere

I then continued my work with a purpose. It had become a Discovery Walk. I changed my focus and began to look for simple beauty. Light on a seed pod. A bit of snow around an evergreen. The light on a pile of yellow leaves. I used my phone to snap some photos. Simple things that I had overlooked took on a new meaning. I had discovered beauty in a parking lot and now I have material for future paintings and left feeling like I got to know a small corner of the town.

A few demos from a busy week

Hard working artists
Try This: This little Discovery Walk only took a few minutes but I found that my senses were sharpened  and was filled with inspiration. The next time you are too busy to be creative or too busy to paint.....take a camera or your phone and go for a discovery walk in your neighborhood. What beauty have you overlooked?

Italy Anyone?  Artenisty also runs workshop in Italy. I am considering a possible workshop in Italy and wondered if there is interest in taking a workshop withm me in Florence September 2018. No plans yet but if it sounds intriguing let me know! karenmargulis@gmail.com


Verna Puglisi said...

Hi Karen,
How about a Discovery Swim? Awhile ago I was swimming laps at my gym and paused at the end of the pool to catch my breath and grab a drink of water. I saw this katydid resting on the lane divider rope and was touched by the beauty of the moment. Sparkling water, resting insect, and sunny reflections. I grabbed my cellphone from my gym bag and snapped two photos that I intend to paint.
Yes, there is beauty everywhere--we just have to look.

Holly said...

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the two day workshop last week in Ann Arbor. Beside being a really talented artist you are an accomplished presenter. I appreciated the jokes and handouts as well as the demos. Although the workshop was focused on the magic of underpainting there was a lot more useful material covered. I had a couple of "AhHaa"moments while following your underpainting steps that will change my pastel art forever. Thanks again!

Karen said...

Love your story Verna! Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Thank you Holly!! It was such a pleasure to share with you and I so enjoyed your work and your enthusiasm!