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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

A Clever Idea for Displaying Small Paintings and Business Cards

'The Park in Winter'         2.5 x 3.5          pastel        ©Karen Margulis
available $25
I found it by accident. I was rummaging around in my storage area when I spotted the sad little tabletop tree. It was dusty and forlorn but I brought it in anyway. It sat on the floor of my studio for a few days when suddenly I had an idea. Why not decorate the tree with my mini pastel paintings! I had a small string of battery operated lights on a wire. It had some tiny clothespins and would be perfect to use on the tree. 

I had some of my mini paintings already packaged in clear bags so it was easy to clip them to the wire. I loved the results. Then I thought.....why not clip my business cards on the tree. I use business cards by Moo.com and have my paintings printed on the front.  Both of these ideas would be perfect for an open house of studio tour or even gallery display. It could be adapted for year round use as well. Creative possibilities abound!

A fun display with some battery operated lights and mini clothespins

'Winter Hush'       2.5 x 3.5     pastel       $25


Susan Klinger said...

Great display idea for those Christmas gift art shows!

robertsloan2art said...

That is awesome! Of course I'd probably just do it with the Moo cards, since I have cats and anything on a tree is likely to be taken down and played with.

Or anything not on a tree. It's cats. I have to cat-proof my life, have for years now. Must be very careful about pastels or I wind up with Rainbow Cats.