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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Exciting Announcement! On the Road with Karen

'Holiday Road'          6x8         pastel        ©Karen Margulis
available $95
I'm taking the show on the road! Michael and I are the proud new owners of a cute little pop up camper we are calling Bertie the Art Spirit. Bertie is in Florida awaiting pick up in January. She needs a little TLC and updating and then she will be ready for us to hit the road by Spring.

Introducing Bertie The Art Spirit!

We love to travel and explore. I love to paint and share my love of pastels with other artists. Bertie will allow us to combine these passions. We want to take Bertie on the road to camp and discover places where I can meet and share with other artists. I would love to plan pastel workshops or even demos along our route. 
  • It could be a workshop or demo for an art group or an informal workshop for a group of artist friends. 
  • It could be a multi day workshop or a one day intensive. 
  • Your choice of Plein air or studio or combination workshops.
  • I am flexible. All I need is a room for a workshop and a group of enthusiastic artists! 
  • If you are my contact person you'll receive a 50% discount on the workshop fee. If you host me in your home or studio your workshop is free.
We are in the beginning stages of planning our trips so if you have any ideas send me an email. karenmargulis@gmail.com  I will send you more details and we can start the ball rolling! We have February, April, August, September and November 2018 open for adventure!

On Patreon today The step by step demo for yesterday's winter landscape painting available for all

Check out the step by step demo today on Patreon


robertsloan2art said...

Oh, this is awesome! Looking forward to seeing more of the Art Spirit - can't wait till you get her home and get some interior photos. Curious about how that kind of camper works. Lovely idea, cut your expenses and extend your range. Also cool about doing all those workshops along your way. Wish I had my cabin ready!

Balou said...

I just bought a pop up camper this fall. It's getting some TLC this winter and ready to hit the road in the spring. It would be so fun to have a camping/art workshop meetup somewhere. If you want to get really inspired, check out popupprincess.com.

Here's my camper: http://tinypic.com/r/rarhi9/9

I look forward to lots of plein air adventures in 2018! Thanks for your inspiration.