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Friday, December 01, 2017

My Favorite Tip for Painting Snow in Pastel

'Winter Song'    11x14         pastel        ©Karen Margulis
available $165
 It's December and I am ready to paint one of my favorite subjects.....The Winter Landscape. I love painting snow and bare trees and the muted subtle colors of the winter landscape. Every year I get recharged and energized by the winter landscape and can't wait to get into the studio and pull out my winter photos. I do another important task before I start a new winter series......

I make up a SNOW TRAY! The snow tray makes painting snow more efficient and successful.

What is a snow tray?  It is simply one of my butcher trays that I fill with all of the colors I think I might need to paint the actual snow and the shadows on the snow. I don't pull colors for trees or sky or water....only the SNOW colors. And it is important to note that I try to avoid using pure white. I prefer using very pale/light values of color. Look at the photo below and see what colors you can identify.

There are reasons behind all of these color selections for both the shadows and the snow colors. In the  month of December I will  share more about painting the winter landscape both here on this blog and with expanded information with even more tips, videos and information on my Patreon page.

Here are some of the topics we will be covering: Aerial perspective in snow, shadow color in snow, bare trees, painting falling snow, painting white without white, using pure white to create colorful lights, the power of neutrals in the winter landscape, painting snowmen, figures in the winter landscape and more!

close up of my little cardinal
 Painting notes: 11x14 on mounted Wallis (old piece) with Terry Ludwig and Diane Townsend pastels.

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1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

Love your snow colors. There's something that doesn't come through in photos completely but is absolutely wonderful in person - the iridescence of snow. White is flat and dull, but those very pale colors interacting and dancing with each other glint the way light really does on snow. Its crystalline structure diffracts the light into minute rainbows, occasionally a glint of very bright color will appear in a drop of ice on a tree branch or something. But most of all it's a faint rainbow glimmer across the entire area, affected by highlight and shadow and angle of sun to a general pale color. That iridescence is most effective in pastels of all mediums, and it's created with those pale near-white snow colors.

My suggestion to readers, get the videos on Patreon and then do the projects. When you see it in person it's like nothing else. Or buy one of Karen's snow scenes and have the joy of it right in your house, that can also help you get the effect for yourself.