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Saturday, December 23, 2017

My Instagram Best Nine #2017bestnine

My #2017bestnine  The photos with the most likes on Instagram
Have you tried Instagram yet?  If not I urge you to join the fun. It is a wonderful social media platform that is perfect for artists. On Instagram you follow who you want and only see those posts. It is easy to curate your feed to include only art. Imagine scrolling through beautiful images from your favorite artists. That's it. No politics or drama or unwanted intrusions. I LOVE it! Give it a try.

Every year you can go to this website to have them select your Instagram Best Nine then post it to your Instagram and use the hashtag #2017bestnine. Your best nine is a collage of your photos that have received the most likes and response for the year.  Since I post mostly my art it is always interesting to see which paintings get the most response. It is quite telling. Last year it was all tree paintings. This year seems to be the year of wildflowers!  I wonder what 2018 will bring!

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