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Friday, December 29, 2017

My Top Three Paintings of 2017 #3

9x12     pastel       ©Karen Margulis     sold
 It's the time of year for looking back on the top lists of 2017. What were the top movies? Songs? Books? So in the spirit of reflection I decided to choose my top three paintings of 2017. I will share them here over the next few days along with my comments on why they made my short list this year.

close up of the painting in progress
Why did this painting make my list?

As I scrolled through photos in my 2017 painting file a few jumped out for various reasons. This intimate woodland scene was one of them. It didn't win any awards or wasn't in any exhibitions.  I selected it for my list simply because I liked it and I enjoyed painting it. It also brings back good memories of a highlight of the year for me....the IAPS convention.

Painting during the convention in Old Town Albuquerque
I always enjoy going to the IAPS convention. It is called the biggest pastel party on earth! This year was special because I was once again selected to be an instructor/presenter. There is nothing more exciting than to be on the stage sharing with a group of passionate pastelists!

set up for my wildflower demo
The painting reminds me of the convention because I painted it shortly after I returned home on a piece of new paper that I had purchased at the trade show. The paper was Yi Cai sanded pastel paper from China. There was something about the paper that was interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed working on it and this painting seemed to flow from my fingers. Maybe it was the paper or maybe just the glow of a fun week at the convention but when I look at this painting I just smile. It is worthy of my list!

Why not look over the paintings you did in 2017 and choose your favorites!


bluegenemom said...

Karen, I love your art. You have such a variety of scenes and a magical way of capturing light. I also love your commitment to your craft and your clearness and kindness in sharing it with others.

robertsloan2art said...

And here I thought it was because the painting was such a knockout! It's not like your other wildflower compositions, it's an intimate landscape and the kind of brushy daisy-like flowers that come up with dozens off one stalk are something I rarely see from you. But they're shining with all of the joy they bring. This is so beautiful. No wonder it's already sold! You might consider doing prints off it. Or cards or something.