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Sunday, December 03, 2017

The Best Heilman Pastel Box Ever and New Video!

'City Kids'            8x10        pastel         ©Karen Margulis
available $145
I finally had time to make a new Sunday Studio video! For this video I paint a fun winter cityscape with children sledding. I share some tips for painting snow and suggesting detail in a cityscape. I also share information about a great new pastel box by Heilman Designs. I hope you enjoy the video and be sure to scroll down form more information on the new box!

Link to the video demo on YouTube https://youtu.be/r5wpJ1-Bb2g

My working board for the painting
I really do believe it. If you have all of your pastels organized by color and value in one place you will be able to paint much more efficiently allowing more time to be expressive and less time hunting for the right pastel. I LOVE Heilman boxes. They are durable and beautifully made boxes. They protect my pastels while keeping them organized. I have had my backpack box for 12 years and it has been one of the best art investments I have made.

I have added to my box collection with the two sketchbox sized boxes. The double sketchbox has been my go to plein air box and the single sketchbox is perfect for travel. I thought it could't get any better but I was wrong!  There is a new box in town and it is the PERFECT size.  Introducing the Mini Pack. It is sized in between the backpack and double sketchbox in size and I am in love with it! Read on for details. 

NOTE: I have not yet loaded my new box with pastels so I will document this process and share it here soon!

My Heilman Boxes: Backpack, double sketchbox, single sketchbox and the Mini Pack

A closer look at the Mini Pack

Here is some information about the Mini Pack box from the Heilman website. www.heilmandesigns.com

Mini Pack Pastel Box

The Heilman Minipack is a compromise between the Sketch box double and the Backpack.  It is about 3 lbs. empty and hold about 135 full sticks.  It has three divided areas on each side.  It is drilled for the Heilman easel and fitted for mounting standard tripod coupler.  It is deep enough to carry Pan Pastels.  Ready for any venue, mountain trial, city sidewalk, populated workshop where space and weight limitations need a light box capable of a good working palette of colors. This box is a workhorse of modest dimensions, fitting easily into tote bag, carry-on or backpack.  Sets up with a minimum footprint and tucks nicely into small painting situations.

Size closed “9 3/8 “ x 11 ¼”
Size open 18 ¾’ x 11 ¼”
Depth 1.125”
Weight  Empty 3 lbs.
Weight  Full 5.5 lbs.
Capacity 135   ½” x 2 ½” pastels


bosveldr said...

Hi Karen, I found this post really interesting, particularly with regard to the new Mini Pack Heilman Box. You mentioned that you would do a post about packing the box. I haven’t seen one yet and would be keen to. Thanks a lot for all the helpful information you give so freely. Regards, Ruth

Karen said...

Thanks!! You haven’t missed it. I will be packing the box next week! Look for a post coming soon!

bosveldr said...

Thank you 😍

jojo said...

pratique surement!