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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New Video on Pastel Mark Making

'True Love'         8x10       pastel       ©Karen Margulis
How do you make marks with pastel? Mark making is to pastel what brush work is to oil or acrylic. It is highly personal. Your marks express emotion and they help describe your subject. I have a repertoire of marks that I make with my pastels and I share them on a short video. The poppy paining in this post is made of whispers, shouts and linear marks. The video is now available on my YouTube channel. Here is the link:

Link for A Quick Look at Mark Making Video

The painting began with whispering marks

My studio is officially a disaster zone of my own making. I am in the middle of a major clean up and reorganization. You have to make a mess to get organized and while I am dreading this part I know I will be so happy when my studio is back in order! I just thought I'd share and you can keep me accountable!


robertsloan2art said...

Love it! Today's painting gave me a smile, it's so bright and lively. I think your poppies are my favorites of all your wildflowers, those and the lupines run a close second. Rich blazing color and those dramatic dark centers are wonderful. Cool article on strokes.

Laughed and enjoyed your studio picture. I think you've lightened the hearts and hopes of many who face similar states. The only reason mine doesn't look like that is that it hasn't been built yet. Enjoy the reorganizing - and the results. It actually is fun sometimes going through everything and finding cool things you forgot you had.

Roxanne Steed said...

I can certainly commiserate!!! I am pretty much in the middle of the same thing - a major clean-out. I've gone through tons of books on the book-cases & donated 9 boxes of art books...but oh there is so much more to do. whew, my head spins just thinking about it!!