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Friday, January 19, 2018

Our First Camping Trip and a Painting

'Magical Morning'           9x13            ©Karen Margulis        pastel            available $155 
 I couldn't wait to get down to the studio this morning. I had this image in my head that wanted to come out!  I did bring my pastels on my trip to Florida but I never had a chance to get them out. That's OK. Sometimes you just need to experience things fully without worrying about photos or even painting. This was one of those trips!

It was a quick trip to Florida to pick up Bertie the Art Spirit. If you missed the post about Bertie she is our newly acquired pop up camper. We found a great deal in Florida but had to wait until last week to go down and get her. We decided to take her on a maiden camping trip to Disney World!  I grew up camping at Fort Wilderness so what better place to start our new camping adventure than Disney!

Ahhhh ....coffee and sunrise!
We picked up Bertie at my moms in Central Florida. We had a day before our camping reservation to open up the camper, clean it and make sure it was stocked with the necessary supplies. I brought some things but it turns out the Bertie was fully stocked including the much needed heater (yes we experienced below freezing temperatures!)

All set up and ready to relax!
Our first camping trip was a great success. My mom joined us and we had fun resort hopping and eating! No parks on this trip. We have a list of things we want to do to get Bertie ready for the next trip. Next time I will have more time to paint! But I did come away with some inspiration. Today's painting was one of those images I needed to paint. Read on for more about the painting.

A peak inside.....this is before we start some updating
Today's Painting: It was early morning, just after sunrise. I was on my way to the comfort station walking quickly through the woods in the cool morning air. As I emerged from the path I saw the trees glowing with warm light. There was a low mist rising behind the trees. The tall cypress trees looked a bit eerie without foliage and dripping in moss. But the light was incredible. It would be a good day.
9x13 pastel on Yi Cai paper


Angela said...

How exciting! What a beautiful image you've captured too. When I visited Florida from UK, one of the most memorable magical images for me was the sunlit Spanish Moss gracefully draping down from branches. Wishing you many happy adventures with Bertie - and rewarding encounters with many more lucky students!

robertsloan2art said...

Oh that's cool! I like your camper, it's awesome. Looks so comfortable. You paint like I do - go to Disney, where everything is man-made attractions... and then find a patch of trees to paint! That's how I look at life too, at the trees between the buildings!

Hope you had fun at Disney though. I've never gone, got warned as a little kid that it was all about standing in line for hours and you could only go on two or three rides tops by the end of the day, with the length of the lines. Various televised Disney things convinced me this was true, so I never went once I was adult and could.