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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Do You Have POOP in your Studio?

'Morning Dune Walk'         10x10         pastel     ©Karen Margulis
available $155
It's late in the day but I couldn't resist. I have been slogging through boxes and piles of stuff in my studio storage room. It is a big room that used to be the garage. We converted to a teen hang out room for the kids and I inherited it when they left. It was the perfect 'junk' room. A junk room is like a junk drawer only it is a room! Have a peek if you dare!

My JUNK Room
My plan is to make better use of this space and move my finished paintings,workshop and shipping stuff out of my studio making more room to organize my art supplies. It is a daunting task! For those of you who have wondered how I manage to blog everyday this is how.....I don't spend time organizing on a daily basis but it always reaches a point of no return and it has to be done for my sanity!

So I discovered today that I have a big pile of old paintings. POOP. Pile of Old Paintings. Old and not very good. But some have good bones, some have good ideas just unfinished, some are so bad but the paper is still good. I don't throw out old unsuccessful paintings. They just go in the POOP pile. Today just for fun I picked a painting out of the pile and decided to rework it.

Fresh from the Old Painting Pile
I put the painting up on the easel. It is probably about 8 years old. I liked the colors but saw some problems I needed to address. I wrote my observations down on an index card so I would know what to work on.

I broke up the rollercoaster in the back and added brighter sunlit sea oats. I used some shouting marks on the bushes to add some contrast to them and to pull the eye up through the dunes. I adjusted the shapes of some of the bushes especially the front bush with some negative painting. It was fun to come back to an older painting and go at it with different eyes. I wonder what I'll find on the POOP pile tomorrow?


Linda B said...

Karen, can you describe how you adjusted those peeks on the dunes w/o making a mess the way I do when I go back in?

Karen said...

Linda, the fixes without making mud are done by using SHOUTING marks....I don't use gentle layers but instead press hard where I want a new mark.

robertsloan2art said...

Oh that's intriguing! You've grown so much in that time, reworking old paintings is dramatic. Gorgeous results! The new version sings.

Tim Moore said...

Love the dune colors..I finally see what a rollercoaster is now..maybe when you describe marks you could circle them or an arrow to point to them..much easier to learn..thanksfor the lesson.

Karen said...

Thanks for your comments. Good idea to label for better instruction. When I have extra time I will try to do that.

Stacy Hannon said...

I am truly amazed! I thought it was good before but wow, what a little tweaking will do! I also have a POOP pile, which is sadly bigger then my “I can’t believe that I painted that” pile. But I am learning from you, And Lindy, and Marla. Thank you so much for sharing this insiteful post! Blessings, Stacy