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Sunday, February 25, 2018

When it is Time to Just Play!

'Never Doubt'        9x12        pastel        ©Karen Margulis
As the month of February draws to a close I decided it was time to let go and have some fun! Of course I always have fun when I am painting but sometimes I have to let go of the 'should and should nots' , the so called rules of painting, and just simply paint. No thumbnails. No plans. No worry whether I am doing it 'right'.  I simply want to play for play's sake. 

Letting go and simply responding to a painting is just as important as painting with a plan. We need a bit of both so that we give ourselves a chance to let the knowledge we accumulate come out in an intuitive way.

Here is a favorite quote from Richard McKinley on the importance of FUN:
"When I am feeling like painting is becoming just a lesson and a bit of an exercise, I like to give myself permission to have fun and to be playful with technique and subject matter. By not OVERTHINKING and allowing myself to spontaneously respond, creative possibilities emerge. If it is a mess I cover it up and correct it"

 I played with today's painting (at top of page). I was looking at the color notes I made for the last video demo. Hmmmm I thought. I really like it the way it is....just loose abstract color notes. I decided to paint a looser version of the marsh. I had fun and I want to try another one that will be even more abstracted. My color note card is below.

An index card with color notes for my video demo 

 The painting below shows the painting I did for my latest Patreon video demo. I made the color note card so I could see if the pastels I had selected would work for the painting. The color note card inspired today's painting.


MaryB said...

Wow, Karen--the 'play' version of your marsh seems so lively & spontaneous compared to the 'planned' version. Each is lovely. Had I never seen the 2nd version I'd have thought the 1st was a marvel of 'looseness.' Lately, I've wanted to redo each of my plein air works to simplify them & generally improve them. Seeing you do just that inspires me to get on with it. Thanks for your blog. BTW, I've noticed that I am often overwhelmed by getting both your blog emails & your Patreon emails. I end up going to neither site! This may just be my problem alone but I thought I'd let you know. Usually, I opt for the original blog--it's short, sweet & practical. Others may opt for Patreon. Both are invaluable resources, Karen, & I wish you continued success. MaryB

Karen said...

Ho Mary! Thanks for your kind words. I'm happy that you enjoy both the blog and patreon. I know it is a lot of information but this gives everyone a choice.....to read and watch what they have time for. You may not know but on Patreon you can change the frequency of your email updates so you don't get them every day. Go to your settings to do this. That way you can visit Patreon on your own time.