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Monday, February 26, 2018

Inspiration from the Archives

'Blue Highways'               5x7             pastel            ©Karen Margulis
 Enjoy this post from the archives:

An inspiring quote feeds the soul. Sometimes it comes at just the right time. Sometimes we just aren't ready for it. I like to give my class an art quote each week. I often will print them on small slips of paper so they can put them up on their easel. I didn't have a quote for this week. But I was confident something would come to me.

And it did. A wonderful quote from Mary Whyte fell out of a folder as I was cleaning the studio. It was just the right words I needed to read and share.  I strongly believe in what Mary says and it is a helpful reminder to all artists but especially we who paint from photos.

"Never undervalue your emotions. They are the force behind every great work. You must strive to paint ideas and beauty, not things. Merely copying objects will lead to work that is journalistic rather than poetic, and the results will be paintings that never stand out from the crowd. When you paint  throw your whole heart into the creation and watch what happens."
-Mary Whyte

dry underpainting on Uart 600
I painted today's painting from one of my photos but I drew on my experience and feelings more than I copied every bloom and blade of grass. I was transported back to the day I took the photo. I was on a road trip out west with my VIP friends. It was early morning and we decided to get off the interstate and follow along on the access road. It was a wise decision. Yes it took us a lot longer to get there but we saw so much beauty what we would have missed if we were going 80 mph. This field of blue wildflower was one of the spots of beauty on the blue highway.

Do you paint from your heart? Or do you let the reference photo get in your way?


pamit said...

Hi Karen! I love your blog and just joined Patreon as a supporter. Quick question: when I click on "patron only" tab on Patreon, the first post I see from you is Jan 31. If I click on "All Posts", the first one I see if Feb. 10. Is this frequency of posting what we can expect from Patreon? --Thanks!

Karen said...

Thanks for asking! I think all post tab shows all posts that are not locked??? I post something every day for patrons. Usually 2 videos , one step by step photo demo, one challenge per week plus more! Thanks for asking!

Karen said...

Pam, I just saw what the issue is! The pledge amount of $4 will unlock all of the posts. Otherwise you will only see the posts make available to the public which is not as frequent. I post daily for the $4 tier.Thank you for your support!!