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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Trick for Repurposing Pastel Paper

'Dance with Me'          9x12        pastel         ©Karen Margulis
available $150
My quest continues this week. I am getting ready to participate in a paintout on St George Island in Florida. I want to fill my Heilman box with my new Great American pastel set. I am working on some Florida landscapes to put the set to the test. So far I am pleased with the set (Richard McKinley 91 half stick set)

I decided to repurpose a piece of Wallis that I had used for a quick cloud demo at my last workshop. I wanted to keep it simple but the chalky clouds and blue sky of the demo didn't lend themselves to my subject matter. It was difficult to see past the clouds! I was tempted to pul out a clean piece of paper when I had an idea!

Just turn the paper upside down and sideways!

The remnants of a cloud demo on a good piece of sanded paper!
 I brushed away the thickest pastel and rubbed the rest into the paper with a piece of pipe insulation foam. I then turned the paper. Now I wasn't distracted by the original cloud shapes. I was left with a blueish toned piece of paper ....ready for anything!

I used a blue Nupastel to draw some the arrangement of palm trees making sure I had a variety of sizes and spacing. What a fun way to repurpose paper!

Just brush it out and turn it around!

Here is the painting before I added the final spice marks. Scroll up to see them.
We are exploring color schemes on my Patreon page. Can you tell what color scheme this painting is?

1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

Oh that is cool! It makes sense too. Wallis needs to be repurposed, there's no such thing as wasted Wallis these days. Very cool painting and in a way that clouds demo makes it easy to do that since it was so simple, masses of blue and light and one gray smudge.