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Friday, June 29, 2018

What to Keep in a Summer Sketchbook Kit

'Life in the Woods'           8x10          pastel           ©Karen Margulis
I am packing light for my upcoming trip to France. Well as light as I possibly can and still have all the art supplies I will need!  I am bringing my Heilman single sketchbox of pastels and my portfolio of 5x7 paper. I am also bringing my sketchbook! Since getting interested in keeping a sketchbook I have amassed quite a few sketching supplies....all kinds of pens, pencils and such. More than I want to bring with me. I needed to downsize my sketching supplies.

Wherever you go this summer consider packing a summer sketchbook. Choose a few supplies that fit into a small pouch. If you have a compact set up there will be no excuses!

My small sketchbook zippered pouch

The supplies I will take with me to Iceland
 Here is what I decided to pack in my Summer Sketchbook pouch:

  • Handbook sketchbook 6x6 
  • small watercolor set
  • travel retractable watercolor brush
  • small plastic container for water...not critical but it fit!
  • General's Sketch and Wash pencil....good for doing value sketches/washes
  • Vision pen...doesn't bleed when wet
  • Wooden Cretacolor lead holder for my pencil....I love how it feels
  • Tombow black brush for gesture sketches
  • Caran d'Ache water brush to make washes with the water soluble graphite.
  • water soluble graphite pencils

Keeping a summer sketchbook will give you material for future paintings. Taking time to sit and observe and make a sketch will give you more information than merely taking a quick photo.
I have heard many artists share that they can remember more details of a place and time by looking back at a sketch than looking at a photo of the place.  Imagine how much this information will help you interpret your photos!

quick sketch inspired today's painting 

underpainting is Derwent Intense stick and alcohol wash

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Peter C. Pursley said...

Great paintings, the first picture is the most beautiful, the large wild flowers give people unlimited imagination, I like it very much.