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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Don't Let this Opportunity Pass you By!

'End of the Season'             12x9            pastel          ©Karen Margulis
available $175
The deadline is quickly approaching. I have a sticky note on my computer screen to remind me but still I procrastinate. I don't know why. Maybe I am hoping to create a masterpiece to enter? But then I risk forgetting and missing out completely on the opportunity to enter. 

It is time to enter the IAPS 2019 Web Show! You should plan to enter ASAP. Yes you! This is your chance to enter a wonderful online exhibition. It is easy to do. And you don't have to frame or ship your painting should you have one accepted. And did you know that this is the only web show that will give you a chance for points towards the IAPS Master's Circle? This is definitely the show to enter.

The deadline is coming! Get your entires in!

You may be thinking.....but I am not ready. I am not good enough. I am afraid of rejection. There are too many great artists so I don't have a chance. I am here to say that it is worth a try. You can't get in if you don't enter. I enter a few select exhibitions each year. Some I get in and many I don't get in. That comes with the territory. It just makes me determined to work at getting better and trying again.

Are you wondering how to choose the paintings to enter? I will address this in Friday's post. Until then go through your recent work or get to the easel and start painting! YOU have something to add to the pastel world! The deadline for entry is September 17 at midnight.

Here is the link to download the show prospectus:

Here is the link to enter the show: sd_iaps35.php

Pulling some possible entries. It is a process!

1 comment:

theoboy said...

Karen you have my first thoughts and feelings, I'm not good enough ......, properly portrayed. I'm not good enough and I will not stand a chance. If I want to participate, I would not know how to handle the preparation for my images.