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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Have You Seen My Painting in Pastel Journal this Month!?

'When Evening Falls'              16x20                 pastel           ©Karen Margulis
available $375
 It was a dream come true! When I was new to pastels I studied each issue of the Pastel Journal inside and out. I learned so much by reading the articles and studying the paintings. I was in awe of those artists and their work with pastels. I wanted to paint like they did! Never in a million years would I think that I would have a painting in and Pastel Journal article!

A few years ago it became a reality when one of my wildflower paintings made the cover! It was such an honor! (I have that issue framed)  I am proud to say that I have another painting in Pastel Journal. I am in such amazing company in the article about nocturnes in this month's issue.  Thank you very much to Anne Hevener for her wonderful article. I had so much fun painting my favorite subject at night!

I plan to do more nocturnes and it will be one of our Patreon topics in 2020!! Stay tuned and be sure to get a copy of this month's Pastel Journal or subscribe if you haven't already!


Lynnette Brown said...

YES! It's beautiful!!! I enjoyed the ideas for painting nocturne scenes and look forward to doing some!!
Congratulations on the article!!
Lynnette Brown

KAS said...

Congratulations! It is an awesome article. I have never painted a nocturne before but definitely was inspired by the beautiful pastel paintings in Art After Dark including yours!