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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

VIDEO: Yes You Can Repurpose Canson Mi-Tientes Paper!

'Promises'               9x12             pastel               ©Karen Margulis
available $165
I had a piece of white Canson Mi-tientes paper in my discard pile. I had used it for a pastel review so it had rows of color swatches. It was the perfect candidate for my experiment. Could I repurpose paintings done on unnsanded paper with clear gesso?  I wasn't sure if the consistency of the gesso would cause the paper to buckle and warp too much. Guess what? It didn't buckle at all and I was left with a nice flat piece of paper with tooth and some interesting toning. Exciting!

Note: If you ever find out asking yourself 'what if' it! What do you have to lose!

I used this newly repurposed paper to paint a scene from one of my trips to Iceland. You can watch the video demo here: If you are a Patron in my Patreon group I will be sharing a fun advanced lesson to go with the video!

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The repurposed paper


leslie said...

Karen, I just tried this same thing on a piece of orange Mi-tientes and it buckled like crazy... had to throw it out. Do you think the different colors might react differently? I also used 90% alcohol on another piece of navy mi-tients and that worked beautifully. I got a great underpainting and the paper remained perfectly flat!

Karen said...

Sorry this happened! I don’t know about paper color but I will try some other colors to experiment. I guess I should have a disclaimer !!