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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Paint What You Don't Love

             'Still Life with Pears'                      11x14                 ©Karen Margulis         available $165

It was an interesting month. I ventured into uncharted territory and it was a challenge. It was still life month with my Patreon group. I had long promised it but put it off. I am a landscape painter. I usually avoid the still life. Not because I don't like them but because they are a struggle. I know that to overcome learning curves one needs to practice so I should be doing more work with the still life and not less but I just never make the time for them.

I always give the advice to paint what you love. It is easier to paint with expression when you have a strong emotional connection to your subject. When I am painting my favorite subjects I get into the zone more readily. I paint from my heart. But when I am faced with a subject that doesn't interest me as much it is much more difficult to connect and have success.  But sometimes we need to push past this and consider challenging subjects as exercises to help us grow as artists. I did this during the month of September and it feels great! I learned some things about painting the still life and I am excited to do more. It was a month that pushed me and I needed that!

Next month on Patreon I am back to my comfort zone and we will be focused on painting the moody landscape! Consider joining us for the fun!

                                                                    close up of the pears

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