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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

How to Paint Mist, Fog and Haze in Pastel

            'Summer Mist'             9x12              pastel              ©Karen Margulis.    available $175  

Painting mist, fog and haze is fun! It is an illusion and you have the tools to make it happen! I love to paint the moody landscape. There is nothing like a beautiful sunny day but I am drawn to the quiet of a misty moody landscape. But how do we create this feeling of mist or fog or haze in a painting? Do we need special pastels? Certain colors? The answer is no. We just need to use the tools we have for any landscape.....we need to master the creation of depth and understand value keys. There is also a certain mark making technique that works well for creating these weather conditions. 

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                                                           The pastels I used for this demo

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