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Thursday, December 10, 2020

It is Time to Add to Your Pastel Collection!

                          'Old Town Memories'              12x9             pastel        Karen Margulis.     $275

I have a big studio box of pastels. It is a comprehensive set made of a variety of pastels covering a range of values and colors. However I like to keep some special sets separate and I take them out when a subject calls for the palette of the set. I keep my curated Floral Landscape Terry Ludwig set, the Richard McKinley set, the Marsha Savage set and the Red Rocks Landscape set. This is the set I used for the demo painting in this post. 
Here is a description of this set from the Terry Ludwig website

From The Garden of the Gods to the Ridgebacks, this set was inspired by the majestic Colorado red rocks to capture the vibrancy of the landscape.  This 60 piece set includes all new colors and was designed as a stand-alone for the artist to work straight from the box to capture water, land and sky.  This set was released, July, 2018.

Of course it is perfect for red rock country but it is also great for a lot more landscape settings. I have put it to the test with many paintings! I decided it would be great for this recent Patreon demo. I knew the colors would be good for the adobe buildings. I did have to add a few bright pink flower colors but otherwise the set was all I needed! The full demo is available on Patreon. 

 Terry Ludwig is having a sale! All sets are 20% off until December 30th. Now is a great time to add to your pastel collection with my favorite pastels!

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