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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Studio Essential: Sticky Notes Help Improve Paintings

'The Cloud'                   18x24                 pastel            ©Karen Margulis
 Sticky Notes get a lot of use in my studio. I leave my notes everywhere. They help me stay on track. When they multiply too rapidly I know I need to slow down and prioritize but they do help me get my thoughts on paper.  One of my favorite uses for sticky notes is to help me resolve unfinished paintings.

Have you ever looked at an unfinished painting  and finally figured out what it needed but then forgot what that was once you had time to paint? 

Sticky notes to the rescue!  Yesterday I had a wonderful time teaching a workshop at the Cockerill Gallery in Austell Georgia. Ann Cockerill was fantastic and I had a chance to share with a group of talented artists!  I came home with three demos....almost finished but not quite. Each one served its purpose in my lessons but needed tweaking to be considered finished.

Before my finishing tweaks
In the morning I set them up on easels in my studio and studied them. What did they need? What didn't they need? What did I need to do to resolve them?  As the possible answers and solutions came to me I wrote them down on a sticky note and stuck the note to my painting board.  Now when I get a chance to paint I won't forget my thoughts about how to resolve each painting!

My possible resolution ideas for 'The Cloud'
Later in the day I had some time to paint so I returned to my paintings and notes and was able to put my ideas in action. Thank you Sticky Notes!

Painting notes: This was my lunchtime demo painted while my students enjoyed their lunch. It is on Uart paper 18x24. I blocked in the painting with reds and pinks and rubbed in this layer with pipe foam. I used Terry Ludwig pastels to finish.


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robertsloan2art said...

Beautiful painting and good point! I don't use sticky notes but I do put my observations on an unfinished painting in my journal. I usually can keep track of that and sometimes of course if I wait way too long I think of something better than I'd planned. The fact of writing it down is what helps me remember what the problem was. Same with taking notes in a class. If I don't reread them I still remember easier.

Unknown said...

What is Parker peach? Who makes that?

Karen said...

Vicki, I wasn't sure what you meant until I reread the post. I wrote down Darker peach instead of pink. I needed a dark peach color because the pink was a little too vibrant!