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Monday, March 08, 2021

Value Underpainting Made Simple!


   'Southern Beauty'                      14x20                 pastel                ©Karen Margulis       available $400

I was browsing for art supplies online after filling my cart with some needed tape and fixative. I like to browse to see what might be new and interesting. I came across some sample sets of Rembrandt pastels. I don't know if they are a new product but I had not seen them packaged this way. They offered several color families and each set included five pastels arranged by value from dark to light. Best of all they were affordable at $5.97 a set! I ordered several sets. 

I was excited by my find because I thought they would be perfect for value underpainting. I don't typically use Rembrandt pastels because I find them a bit to hard for my liking but they would be perfect for both wet and dry underpainting! It also takes the guesswork out of choosing pastels by value. 

Find these Rembrandt sample sets here:

I used the Burnt Sienna set for an underpainting for my latest Florida inspired painting. The warm tones gave just enough interest for my very green landscape. I did a dry underpainting because I was working on Daler Rowney Murano unsanded paper. (another great value). I do think that the dark in the set might not be dark enough for every subject but that is an easy adjustment!

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