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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Poppy Field Work in Progress

I am sharing a work in progress today. This is the first layer of a large poppy commission I am working on. I am working on Belgium Mist Wallis. I first sketched in the main features with a pastel pencil and then covered the paper with a light layer of reds and orange Nupastels. I rubbed in this layer with pipe insulation foam. The sky is a light turquoise layer of Nupastel. I am now ready to start in with my soft pastels. You can see in the tray I have already chosen my pastels. I may add to these but keeping these pastels seperate will help me. I am working from a combination of three other paintings I have done as well as a photo I took of the poppy fields in North Carolina. Stay tuned for the finish!


Anonymous said...

I see that on the shelf you have a framed pastel - the red poppies one. How do you frame your pastels? Under glass? I ask because it's been costing me an arm and a leg to get my pastels framed and it almost looks like your poppies pastel is not under glass. Thanks!

- Pippa

Karen said...

Hi Pippa,
It is framed under glass. I don't always use spacers so this one is up against the glass. This is just a ready meade frame I picked up on sale at Aaron Brothers.

Denise Shaw said...

Alot of people say dont frame directly up against the glass..this is what I would like to do as dont really know how to use spacers etc.