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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Taste of Autumn

'A Taste of Autumn' 14x11 pastel
Fall has not yet come to Georgia but I am ready for it! I am looking forward to opening the windows and taking out my fall clothes! This is painted on UArt paper which I am really enjoying!


Erika Nelson said...

Hi Karen saw you in Different Strokes - you have some beautiful fall pieces here! I love fall, as it's particularly colorful here in the Ozark mountains. Wish I were more of a landscape artist though :) I'll be visiting again - Erika

Karen said...

Thank you Erika! I can't wait to try some plein air fall paintings soon!

Sylvia Jenstad said...

Had to stop... love this piece... the colours... wow... so cool

Karen said...

Thank you Sylvia!

Marian said...

What beautiful paintings! What a special gift you were given. I could sit and look at your pictures all day and be so relaxed. We have 2 cabin rentals in North Georgia and visit them quite frequently. The mountain scenery, pastures, creeks and rivers are so beautiful and you capture the beauty in your paintings. Please put your website info for FREE on my North Georgia Web Directory: http://www.NorthGeorgiaOnDemand.com and I will make a special category if there is not one already. Thank you, Marian