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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daily Painter's Theme: Outside of the Box

The Theme Day for April on DailyPainters.com is 'Outside of the Box'. We were to paint something that was out of the ordinary for us. I gave it some thought and some of my ideas were to paint a portrait or use another medium....but I ran out of time for those options so the next most 'outside of the box' thing for me would be to paint in an abstract way. Sticking to my Spring theme I tried some abstracts loosely based on beds of colorful azaleas. I call these little 5x7 paintings 'Azaleas Outside the Box'. For each one I did an alcohol wash underpainting but managed to cover them up in all but the top painting which turned out to be my favorite.


Susannah said...

you never cease to amaze and delight me!

rob ijbema said...

you should do more like these karen
they are very exciting
less is more..

Karen said...

Thanks Susannah and Rob. I did really enjoy doing these so I will probably be doing more. It's very freeing!

Omyim said...

I really like your colour. ^^