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Monday, March 30, 2009

Low Country Spring

'Low Country Spring' 8x10 pastel

Last year for spring break we went down to Harbor Island South Carolina. We had terrible weather and Caitlin was sick the whole time but I did get some photos! The azaleas were in bloom and we would pass this big group of azaleas at the base of some trees dripping in moss. It was beautiful! I am working on azaleas. I haven't painted them in


Nartizt said...

Wow, love this one - really shows how Spring just pops with color!

Karen said...

Thank you, I want to do more! Just can't find my azalea reference photos.

Jo Castillo said...

Karen, nice light in this.

BJR said...

What beauty I have found!! Came upon your site by "happenstance" and what enjoyment I'm having going through your archives. And!...I'm getting the urge to have a "go" with pastels! I'm an ink/watercolor artist...so this would be out of the box for me, but I think I'll do it. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep painting! BJR

Karen said...

Thank you for discovering my blog! I am so glad that you enjoyed my work and I hope you do give pastels a try! It is such a wonderful medium!