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Sunday, April 19, 2009

August Field with Wildflowers

'August Profusion' 5x7 pastel
This field was the motherlode of Queen Annes Lace. We were driving Corey to school in Chicago and stopped for gas somewhere in Indiana. Next to the gas station was the most wonderful field just filled with wildflowers and more QA Lace than I have ever seen in one place. I got closer for some photos and the sound of bees and other inscets was deafening. It was awesome!!! I would love to find this place again and paint here!


Helen Harris said...

You really communicate an energy in your work. The "brush stroke" in pastel is not always evident but yours is there.The composition, color and stroke carry me into the work.Nicely done!

Donna T said...

You inspire me to find my wildflower photos and give them a try. This is beautiful, Karen!

Karen said...

Thank you Helen. I appreciate your comments. I do try to get some 'brushstrokes' with my pastels!

Karen said...

Donna, Thank you!! You know I don't look at a patch of weeds in the same way anymore! You should try some!