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Monday, July 13, 2009

Water Lily Pastel Painting

'Contemplation' 12x24 pastel
Would you believe this painting started out as a view of Monument Valley under a cloud filled sky? I started it last week in class and wasn't happy with it at all. It had several issues that even brushing out and redoing didn't make it any better. At one point it morphed into the Blue Ridge Mountains. I liked the colors but the painting was boring. So it occurred to me to use some alcohol and wash it all in. I had a lot of pastel build up but I didn't brish it off and just did the alcohol wash. I was left with a lot of texture and not much tooth to the paper....just enough to create my impression of a pond filled with water lilies. I wish the small computer image did justice to this large (for me) painting!


Deb Lauman said...

Beautiful! I came to your blog from Twitter. Glad I did!

Karen said...

Thank you Deb, glad that you stopped by. Come back soon, I post something new every day! I appreciate your comments!