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Friday, September 25, 2009

Yellow Coneflower Pastel Painting

'Summer's End' 8x8 pastel
Today's painting is a portrait of a Yellow Coneflower. I found this flower in the Lurie Gardens in Chicago. I could have spent the whole day in the gardens taking pictures and sketching but the rest of my family wouldn't have enjoyed it! This painting was started with a watercolor underpainting with additional watercolor splashes applied on top of the pastel. This is a fun technique to play with. I have a busy weekend planned. I am attending a framing workshop by Marsha Savage and working on my big marsh commission....and we are trying to redo our den which is turning into a more complicated project than I had planned!


Jo Castillo said...

Great painting. I like that technique you have been using with the water.

Isn't that the way with the den. You paint, then you need new something, then that leads to something else, etc. Good luck and speedy termination. :)

Karen said...

Thanks Jo! And thanks for the good luck wishes for what is becoming a big production....all I wanted was a new TV!