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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amicalola Falls North Georgia Waterfall Painting

'Autumn Glory' 8x10 Pastel
Here is my second 'water' painting of the week. This time I chose the moving water of a waterfall. This is from a photo my husband took while visiting the falls with his sister last Autumn. I just finished a close-up of rocks in a stream and tomorrow I will paint some waves.I also have some boat reflections and some rippled water with reflections to do! This is fun! Now I just have to choose which type of water we will paint for the paint-along in my next class.


pamvanlonden said...

Oh, this is spectacular!

Kim Blair said...

Hi Karen:
Your pastel paintings are absolutely gorgeous! This one in particular took my breath away...

Karen said...

Thank you Pam!

Karen said...

Thank you Kim, I appreciate your kind words!