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Friday, March 05, 2010

Queen Anne's Lace Painting

'Nothing but Blue Skies' 18x24 pastel
I am enjoying the freedom of painting large! I just finished one of my largest Queen Anne's Lace painting and had so much fun with it. I usually seem to paint them under a misty of cloudy sky so the blue sky was a nice change and makes a happy painting. Looking at it on the monitor I see one thing I want to change and I will post an updated photo as soon as I can.


Steve Washburn said...

I like the way your painting shows the tops and undersides of those grand flowers.

Karen said...

Thank you! I love painitng them!

Margaret Bednar said...

I can imagine my little girl having a picnic in the field and bringing these flowers home to me... Great memories! Beautiful colors.

Karen said...

Thank you Margaret! Your comment means a lot to me! I'm glad you enjoyed the painting.