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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mountain Mist 11x14 pastel

'Mountain Mist' 11x14 pastel
Here is an older painting that just hasn't found it's home yet. I am working with a collector who wished to purchase a Blue Ridge mountain painting for a special gift so today I went through my mountain paintings to show her what I had available. This was one of my favorites!
That got me started going through the past year's work so I decided to get it organized for our Open Studio which is DECEMBER 4th! I have a lot of new work this year! I have been busy it seems!


miriam hughes said...

This is beautiful! You inspire me!

Miriam M. Hughes said...

This is wonderful - you totally inspire me.

Miriam M. Hughes said...


Karen said...

Thank you Miriam. You made my day! :)

J. Love said...

Hello Karen, my name is Nancy. My class was asked to post a comment on some one's art work; I choose yours.
I think that all of your pictures art very good.
I like that they are like about nature; personally love nature. I think that you are work is amazing.. I, myself am terrible at painting so it really persuades me to do better...[:
I see that your pictures have a value. The strokes you use to make the pictures. The different colors and shades in all of the pictures.
I have done a a few art projects myself this year. If you would like to check them out jus go to the link below.