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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My New Project for 2011...Keeping a Sketchbook

"Like a musician, an artist needs to practice every day and a sketchbook is an ideal place to work on your observational and drawing skills. In time you will learn to select and simplify so that you can encapsulate an attitude, a pose or a movement in a few lines. Sketching regularly also improves visual memory and manaul dexterity, enabling you to make accurate and rapid records of the subjects that interest you." Albany Wiseman, The Artist's Sketchbook

I know the benefits of keeping a sketchbook and drawing more and every year I resolve to start a sketchbook. One year I did about 10 sketches, one year I had a calendar with big areas for each day...a perfect place for a daily sketch...I got to Day 5 and stopped. This year my goal is to stick with it and sketch every day. I paint just about every day but I don't make time to do a quick sketch. I decided that by posting my daily drawing to a blog I would be held accountable to my goal. So welcome to my new blog! Here's the twist... I want you to join me. I know you are aware of the benefits of sketching more and I know you want to....so why not join me! I intend to make it fun with weekly challenges, themes, new techniques, inspiring information. I'll invite you to share your progress on the blog as well. So what are you waiting for? Get a new sketchbook and some pencils and get ready to sketch! We will start on January 1st.
I will be posting to my Daily Sketchbook blog www.sketchwithkaren.blogspot.com Have a look and sign up for updates. I'd love for you to join me!

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