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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Pair of Dragonflies ...monotypes with pastel

'Dragonfly Dance II & I' 5x7 monotype with pastel

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Price: $45 USD
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Marian Fortunati said...

Every time I click on one of the thumbnails of your work, I'm filled with delight!

Karen said...

Thanks Marian. It's good to know that they are appreciated. I am happy to share!!

Sara Mathewson said...

These are so cool. I remember when you first got the set of Great American Iridescent pastels. And the dragonflies you did with them after that. i love dragonflies! When I was in AZ i bought some blown glass ornaments for my kids and one for me which was a purple iridescent dragonfly. the kids made it back in the plane just fine but alas my beautiful dragonfly lost two of its wings. I'm still trying to figure out of superglue would be able to fix them, they are so delicate!

Love you explorations and am really learning from your monotypes plus pastel. I really like the pastel over the print, very cool!