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Friday, December 31, 2010

Working with an Underpainting

'Emergence' 5x7 pastel
One of the things I like to do is spend a day getting several paintings started or at least planned. I choose the subject, do some sketches and make some plans then I cut the paper and do the underpaintings. This way I have a stack of painitngs ready to work on when the time allows. Sometimes it happens that after sitting in the pile I no longer have the urge to paint what I have planned but it is easy enough to use the paper for another idea. Most of the time I go through with my original plans. Yesterday I had fun doing several underpaintings. I did some with gouache and some with oil paint. I sprayed them, turned them on their sides and did all kinds of things to them as they dried. It was fun do look at them and see what might emerge from the underpainting. You can see the oil stain underpainting above for the finished painting above it. While painting this one I had an idea for another one so I am headed back to the easel!

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erifili said...

Happy New Year Caren.Best wishes from Greece.

Karen said...

Thank you! Happy New year to you too!