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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lavender and Wildflowers 5x7 pastel

'Purple Haze' 5x7 pastel
Today's painting was done on Diane Townsend Pastel paper. I had bought some awhile ago and finally got a chance to try it. I really liked it. It's no wonder because I have been enjoying painting pastels over my monotypes on the Rives BFK paper. It also took a beautiful watercolor underpainting. Here is a description of the paper from the Dakota website:
The exquisite velvety surface of this coated sheet is produced on Rives BFK 100% cotton paper. A mixture of two grades of silica, methylcellulose, liquid adhesive, chalk, whiting and water is hand brushed on the paper. Several passes are made to achieve an incredibly smooth, even surface. The resulting surface is like very fine sandpaper. The coating is clear, with coloration coming from the BFK papers. The Townsend paper is completely archival and will handle light water base washes and also solvent base washes.

1 comment:

Sara Mathewson said...

i love this one Karen! the colors are just wonderful. Thanks for giving your opinion on the D. Townsend paper. It sounds interesting. I of course have looked at all the different papers at Dakota but have never bought this one. not many out there using it from what I can tell, at least on Wetcanvas! but it is always fun to try new supplies so if and when I run out of what I have on hand now I will give this paper a try. It has been intriguing me for some time now:)

Also puprple and red? My absolute favorite colors this painting sings!