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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Creek 5x7 pastel

Winter Creek 5x7 pastel
Most of us are getting tired of Winter but I admit I still enjoy painting the winter landscape. I love the starkness with the surprising bits of color. I did this painting for a student who is moving north and wanted to learn more about painting snow.

I am getting close to announcing my new website and blog. It is online but we are working on some of the details. I don't have an email subscription box and some of the links aren't working quite right but I am very happy with it. My son has been working on it but his semester just started so it may take a bit longer to get things just right. What I like is that my blog will now be integrated with my website. My paintings also show up larger. I will be posting on both blogs for awhile until I am ready to make the permanent switch. You are invited to take a peek. Let me know what you think! You can find it at www.karenmargulis.com


Sharon Lewis said...

Karen, Love the new website!
Your paintings look gorgeous on it!

Karen said...

Thanks Sharon! I am excited to share it with you and will soon have it all up and running.