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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

New California Landscape Painting 9x12 pastel

'Breaking Storm' 9x12 pastel
I love the moody landscape so whenever I travel I never mind if we have a few days of clouds or better yet fog! On our trip to Northern California last Fall we had a couple of days of moody weather so I took advantage and got lots of photos, The coastline was gorgeous but I also loved the rolling hills and interesting trees....so very different from Georgia!
This painting is also on Canson. I had a comment to my blog recently about Canson paper and why it is looked down on by many pastel artists. She uses it with great success for her colored pencil work. I think that many begin their journey with pastels with Canson and hard pastels such as Rembrandts because they are affordable but they get easily frustrated because the Canson doesn't take many layers or abuse. Sanded paper is so much more forgiving. So we learn to dislike canson and many never want to try it again. But that is a mistake. As you learn how to handle pastel and develop your touch you will discover that you have more control and can actually paint on Canson. So If you have a stash of Canson that you vowed never to use....take it out and try it again. I think you may be pleasantly surprised!


Dorothy said...

Karen, as a complete beginner in pastel, very much in the Canson/Rembrandt camp, I appreciate your kind words about using Canson paper. Your painting style is beautiful...fresh and lively. Your Squidoo Lens is very helpful and informative. Thank you!

Karen said...

Hi Dorothy,
Thanks for your comments! I had my students try canson again today and they did some great paintings. The trick is to be aware of your 'touch' and use a light touch for your initial layers. Enjoy the journey with pastels!

David Patterson said...

Love this Karen!

Karen said...

Thanks David! I've been into the moody landscape lately!