Sunday, March 06, 2011

To Blend or Not to Blend? Sunset Pavillion Cape May NJ

'Late Afternoon in Cape May' 8x8 pastel
I have always avoided too much surface blending in my pastel paintings. I have always preferred to let the pastel layers blend themselves or to see my strokes. I have tried to keep my fingers off the painting except for an occasional softening of edges with my finger. In my Back to Basics Pastel class we have been taking a look at the different ways we have to apply the pastel. We have done linear marks, side strokes and this week we will take a look at blending. So I have been playing around with paintings that are mostly blended just to see what happens. I have been using canson and other drawing papers rather than sanded paper and I am really enjoying the soft moody quality I can get. So the question is you blend your pastels or do you keep your fingers off the painting? If you are a blender what are your favorite blending tools?

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