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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Plein air Hibiscus #3

'By the Poolside' 5x7 pastel
Today I am sharing the third painting in my plein air hibiscus series. I wish I had done more while I was in Florida. I love this technique and I have some thoughts on how to translate it to other flowers. Now if I only had time to get in the studio and really play!
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Cindy Michaud said...

and what was the technique you mention?? curious. love the soft vs definition...as a Floridian I'd know you were hibiscussing.

Karen said...

Thanks Cindy!! I did an underpainitng with watercolor first which I often do but this time I spent more time developing it than usual before adding any pastel. It probably could have stayed as a watercolor painting. My goal was to add just enough pastel but not to overdo it and cover up the watercolor.It was done on sanded Uart paper.