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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Large Poppies with a Gouache Underpainting

'Enveloped in Red' 18x24 pastel
I don't usually paint something for my own home but I felt my newly updated kitchen need a splash of red. The new floor and countertops are a light stone and I have reddish wood cabinets. I held one of my poppies paintings up on the wall and it was just right for the space. Since I sold my big poppy painting last week I decided to paint another version. This one is 18x24 and it is in a landscape format. While I was at it I painted an orange cactus bloom for the other wall. I'll post that one next. I am showing you the underpaintings that I did with gouache. It allowed me to be much more free with the flowers and I used a lot less pastel!

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The Creative Artista said...

Absolutely amazing!
I really like your blog. It's very inspiring.
I recently started up my own art and crafts blog. If you have time, then please have a look and let me know what you think :)