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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Original Pastel Painting Ornaments on Shrink Film!

I am always looking to try something new so when my friend shared the idea of pastels on shrink film I just had to try them. What fun they were. It was like being a kid and doing Shrinky Dinks! Who would have thought you could paint with pastels on shrink film?! You can and they turn out great. For these little paintings I used a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch piece of shrink film. Only the softer pastels work well and light colors and linear marks really show up nicely. You can bake them or use a heat gun which is more fun. They will curl up into a ball before they flatten out and shrink. I didn't know that so I threw out several because I thought I had done something wrong! Then I re-read the directions. They shrink to about 2x3 and they are hard plastic. I sealed them with Krylon clear glossy finish. They darken slightly but the pastel is sealed. I tied a piece of black elastic to make them into ornaments. Be sure to punch the hole before shrinking! I had so much fun I am going to do some more. I think the possibilities for them are endless!

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Cindy Haase said...

How very clever! Thanks for sharing Karen.

Anonymous said...

These are just gorgeous! Not too surprising since everything you do is utterly wonderful. Did you have to treat the surface first or did you just start painting?

By the way, your posts brighten my day when they show up in my inbox.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I hate to sound ignorant but what is shrink film?
I love your blog and enjoy your energy and talent every time I visit it